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Monument to Actress Vera Holodnaya


Vera Vasilyevna Holodnaya (1893-1919) is a famous Russian actress of the silent screen. She starred scores of movies, probably 50, and was extremely popular.

She arrived in Odessa in 1918 for shooting but died here in 1919. It is generally believed that the cause of her death was the flue. There was a pandemic of the Spanish influenza worldwide then which killed more people than the war that had just ended. However, some researches claim that she was poisoned either by French or Russian security services because of alleged espionage for the Red Army. We will never know as her body disappeared as the cemetery had been destroyed in 1933. But, as the French security service executed another woman, Jeanne Labourbe, a couple of weeks later, it cannot be ruled out.

The monument was opened directly at the location of the building where the actress lived in Odessa. The burial service over her was read in the Transfiguration Cathedral across the street.


Besides the monument, there is a square named after Vera Holodnaya, a block from the monument.

The monument was opened in 2003. The sculptor was A.Tokarev, the architect was V.Glazyrin. They also made a monument to Utochkin and a monument to Utyosov before.


Street Address

25 Preobrajenskaya Street, Odessa, Ukraine.

Geographical Positions

E30°43'55.8" N46°28'56.5" (E30.732167° N46.482361°).


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