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Transfiguration Cathedral


This is the biggest orthodox christian temple in Odessa founded in 1795 (the location consecrated in 1794, when the city was founded) and consecrated in 1809. The bell tower was added in 1837. Overhauled in 1894.

Prince Vorontsov was buried there. His wife was buried next to him later.

The cathedral was renovated in 1903. It was one of the biggest cathedrals in Russia. Up to 9,000 could be there at a time.

In 1936 the commies destroyed the cathedral. Fortunately, the remains of the Vorontsovs had been transferred to a cemetery.

The foundation of the cathedral was excavated in 1992, soon after the collapse of the USSR, but only in 1999 did the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers rule to include the cathedral in the Program of Recreation of Lost Monuments in Ukraine. Though the cathedral was rebuilt with donations of individuals and business both from Odessa and elsewhere. It cost UAH32,000,000. The government did not provide anything.

The dimensions and position of the new cathedral were determined by the excavated foundation of the old one. The building is 46.6 m wide and 90.6 wide. The height of the belfry is 72 m. The building is oriented along the east-west axis according to the orthodox tradition. Old photographs were extensively used.

The construction began in 2000. The first service in the new cathedral was held in 2002.

A lost relic was delivered from St.Petersburg in 2003: the copper cross cast from the coins left by Russian soldiers who went to the Crimean war in 1854.

In 2005 the remains of the Vorontsovs were returned to tne new cathedral and reburied in the crypt under the location were they had been buried for 80 years until 1936.

The bells were cast in Greece and donated by patrons. There are 23 bells total. It is the biggest bell set in Ukraine. Voronej foundry cast a giant bell for the cathedral in 2008 that weighed 14 tons.

The main altar was consecrated in 2010. Since then, the cathedral has been basically finished. Now the walls have to be painted with icons.


2013. Back view of the cathedral from Grecheskaya Street.

2013. Side view from Preobrajenskaya Street.

2013. View from Lva Tolstovo Street.

2013. View from Lva Tolstovo Street.







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3 Sobornaya Square, 65045 Odessa, Ukraine.

Geographical Positions

E3043'51" N4629' (E30.730833 N46.483333).


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