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My Clients

Over years since I gave up my regular job at an exhibition center and went freelance, I have helped a great number of foreigners who came to Odessa and other Ukrainian towns. My first client was a Dutchman who came to see a girl in Odessa in September 1999. Since then I have been getting more and more such clients. Gradually I started doing more than just translation: arranging accommodation and transportation, delivering flowers, etc, and finally came to what I am now: your ultimate guide in Ukraine, the only person you need to get around.

Among my clients were also many members of a message board dedicated to Russian women. Unfortunately, the board is there no more. Just for the record, here are the screennames of some of them: Miket, RKN777, Corp, Ielocal, Oitskev, ScottJay (AKA Splendid), TooTallBill, David1963, Dr.Digits, B/B (Boston Bubba) and many others.

The problem is many people prefer to stay private so I cannot list them here. However, if you need reference, I can have some of the above contact you.


This is what some of them write about me on public boards:

I have used Igor in Odessa while I was there in my first trip [in 2006] as a guide, interpreter , driver and for apartment rental. Also deal with calls to marriage agencies and so on. His service was good and I recommend him everytime. - Nando, Portugal

Igor offers more than translating services. He offers advice and helps you not to step on your d*ck. He will warn you when you are thinking with the wrong head. He will tell you what he thinks and with his experience it is difficult to find this at a lower price. I have used his services on two different trips [in 2005 and 2006] and his advice and many other services has helped me quite a bit. I think that he is the best. - Bill, USA

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