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Accommodation in Ukraine

If you are coming to Ukraine for a week or longer it makes sense to rent an apartment. A private apartment is usually a better choice than a room in a hotel because it offers more privacy, space and flexibility. You can cook your food, have anyone to stay with you as long as you wish, it is less noisy than a hotel is. You can have your laundry washed for you or do it yourself as most of the apartments have washing machines. You can have a maid clean the apartment just like in a hotel or do it yourself too. Internet access is usually faster and more reliable because it is dedicated unlike the hotels where you share Wi-Fi with many other guests on your floor.

Prices for private apartments are not higher than those of hotel rooms. In fact, it is often cheaper to stay in an apartment.

The only problem is most landlords require a deposit to book an apartment for you and are less willing to rent it for one or two nights than hotels.

I know some good private apartments in Odessa and can arrange them for you. You have to tell me when you arrive and depart. I can show you photos of the apartments and describe them. If you like the apartments, you have to wire me a depost. If necessary, I will pick you up at the airport and deliver back to it.

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