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Monument to Singer L.Utyosov


Leonid Utysov (1895—1982) is a soviet popular singer and actor. He was born in Odessa and became famous for his songs. Even nowadays everybody in the former USSR remembers him and his songs.

He sang many songs about Odessa. Some of them can be heard on the radio or television nowadays. Also one of the songs is played at the railroad station when a long-distance train starts, and this tune is played at the airport before a message is aired.

His real name was Lazar Weisbein. He explained that in 1912 he had to invent a scenic name for a performance by request of the producer. However, it is more likely that he did it to conceal his Jewish background. Antisemitism was strong in the Russian empire and even in the USSR.

Utyosov means a hill in Russian.

The actor was born in Odessa at 11 Treugolny Lane. After his death the lane was renamed after Utyosov. There is a memorial board on his house. But he died in Moscow and was buried there.

The monument to L.Utysov was formally opened on the 2nd of September (Odessa’s birthday). The sculptor was A.Tokarev, the architect was V.Glazyrin. They also made another monument not far from this one a year later.





Street Address

Town Garden, Deribasovskaya Street, Odessa, Ukraine.

Geographical Positions

E30°44'4.2" N46°29'4.7" (E30.7345° N46.484639°).


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