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Gorkiy National Scientific Library


The building was erected in 1906 by architect F.Nesturh. This is one of the most picturesque buildings in Odessa built before the revolution.

The first public library was opened in Odessa back in 1829 as a result of the efforts by count M.Vorontsov who donated many of his books to the library. Then it was in government offices in Primorskiy Boulevard. M.Vorontsov gave 600 books to the library. Other nobles, scientists and patrons also donated many volumes.

In 1874 the library moved to Velikanov’s house in Grecheskaya Street, later the same year to Papudov’s house in Sobornaya Square (the one where movie star Vera Holodnaya died half a century later), then in 1883 the library moved to the building where now the Archeology Museum is in Lanjeronovskaya Street. Finally, since 1907, it has been here in Pastera Street.




Renowned sniper L.Pavlichenko, a Hero of Soviet Union, had worked in this library before the war, when she killed 309 enemies during the Second World War. She defended Odessa in 1941 and was wounded. She never fought again. The legend has it that Stalin asked her if she could do sums and explained that she could kill 100 Germans but could also be killed, but if she trained 100 snipers and each of them killed 10 enemies, that would make a thousand, so it was more important for her to stay away from the front line.

So she started to coach snipers. She was also used for propaganda. She visited the USA, met President F.Roosevelt and spoke to people. In Chicago she said to the men: "Gentlemen, I am 25 and I have killed 309 Germans. Don’t you think that you have been hiding behind my back a little bit too long?!¿, hinting at the long-awaited second front against Hitler. (America was also in war with Germany then. Hitler declared war on the USA in 1941 following Pearl Harbor but the US government had not been in a hurry to send troops to Europe until 1944 when the USSR was about to conquer all of Europe).



Street Address

13 Pastera Street, 65023 Odessa, Ukraine.

Geographical Positions

E30°43'34" N46°29'28" (E30.726111° N46.491111°).


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