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Odessa Sights

Yellow Cobblestone Pavement


There is a funny section of the pavement in front of the Archeology Museum. Unlike the rest of the cobblestone pavement in Odessa, it is yellow. It is made of Dutch bricks or clinker. The bricks are made by baking regular bricks at a very high temperature, like 1200 to 1300-C. The surface of the bricks becomes glassy.

Odessa was quite dusty and muddy when Pushkin lived here in the 1820s, so it had to be paved. Granite and lava was used but shortly before the First World War there was an experiment with Dutch bricks. Unfortunately, it failed as horses would slip on it hopelessly when it rained, and they were the main traction then. Also, the war started soon and the arrangements had to be canceled.



Street Address

Pushkinskaya Street / Lanjeronovskaya Street, Odessa, Ukraine.

Geographical Positions

E30°44'35.7" N46°29'5.6" (E30.74325° N46.484889°).


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