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Glimpse of Old Odessa


This is a small open-air museum that can tell tourists something from the history of the town. Some interesting exhibits were collected here. It is a fine pavilion, a small bridge, some sculptures and a well. The museum was set up in the 1970s by the reporters of a local paper.

The area around the well is paved with slabs of volcanic lava. Poet A.Pushkin wrote: "So, I lived in dusty Odessa then…". Each rain would turn the dust into a marsh. It was difficult to cross a street — you could sink into the mud up to your waist. Some people even made money by offering a lift across the street on their back. Pushkin wrote about pavement that would rescue the city. This came true yet he had been dead by then for many years.

The well was a typical view in Odessa patios a century ago. Actually, it was not a well with a spring underground. It was a cistern with rain water. Water supply was another critical issue in Odessa. There were very few springs, and water was not good because of minerals. Water was sold in town at a very high price. Only in 1873 was the water pipeline from the Dniester formally opened, and life changed.

The bridge reminds that Odessa is a city with many bridges despite having no streams or rivers. Yet there were rivers in this area centuries ago, and their former beds cut the hill Odessa is built on into several parts. While they provide convenient descents to the sea, they also make it difficult to get around. So some bridges were built around the town such as the Mother’s-in-law Bridge which is next to this location.

It is not clear where the griffin comes from. It used to be in Bazarny Square before. Most likely it was an adornment at a private villa before the revolution.








Street Address

Jvanetskovo Boulevard, Odessa, Ukraine.

Geographical Positions

E30°44'11.5" N46°29'25" (E30.736528° N46.490278°).


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