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Odessa Sights



The Belvedere was built in 1826-1828 as part of Vorontsov’s Palace.






It provides a great view to the bay of Odessa and the port.



Peresyp can be seen on the left. It is an industrial area of Odessa located on the isthmus between the Black Sea and two salty lakes that used to be rivers. There is a long beach there called Luzanovka, one of then 10 Odessa beaches. It is a natural beach. The others were built in the 1960s with sand produced from the bay bottom.

The flat-top hill behind Peresyp is called Jevahova Hill. It is between the two lakes. There is a car market there called Yama (The Pit). Used cars and spare parts are sold there. It is one of the biggest car markets in Ukraine.

Further to the right one can see the biggest residential community of Odessa named Kotovskovo. This was meant to be a separate town for the workers of Peresyp plants and the port. However, the city authorities desired to make Odessa a million-strong city. So they made the settlement part of Odessa. However, it has not become real part of it because it is too far from the downtown. It is 10 km across the bay but you have to drive 15 km to get there, and it seldom takes less than 30 minutes. The streets between the downtown and Kotovskovo are narrow and traffic is bad.



Street Address

2K Vorontsovskiy Lane, Odessa, Ukraine.

Geographical Positions

E30°44'18.6" N46°29'26.7" (E30.7385° N46.49075°).


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