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Sea Port


The main entrance to the port of Odessa is in Tamojennaya Square. The port is the biggest in Ukraine. If it had not been for the port, Odessa would not have come into being. And the port played a great role in the city development and history over the years.

It is interesting that most of the port area is artificial. The seas used to wash the rocky beaches where the port facilities are now. The docks were built in the water, and the street along the port was piled up.

Mid-19th century.

Main entrance to the port in Tamojennaya Square. 2013.

Main entrance to the port in Tamojennaya Square. 2013.

Sculpture of de Wollant at the entrance to the port. 2013.

Sculpture of de Ribas at the entrance to the port. 2013.

The port consists of the following harbors, right to left:

  1. Karantinnaya (Quarantine) Harbor — in front of Shevchenko Park,
  2. Novaya (New) Harbor — to the right of the marine passenger terminal,
  3. Kabotajnaya (Cabotage; also known as Ugolnaya (Coal)) Harbor — to the right of the marine passenger terminal,
  4. Practicheskaya (Practical; also known as Voennaya (Military), Arbuznaya (Water-Melone)) Harbor — in front of Voennyy Descent and Androsovskiy Lane,
  5. Zavodskaya (Factorial) Harbor — in front of Odaria Street,
  6. Rabochaya (Work; also known as Hlebnaya (Bread)) Harbor — in front of Plyguna Street;
  7. Neftyanaya (Oil) Harbor — in front of Gefta Street.

Quarantine Harbor.

Quarantine Harbor.

Practical Harbor.

The harbors are divided and protected with the following jetties (built through):

  1. Karantinnyy (1795-1880),
  2. Reydovyy (1870-1876),
  3. Platonovskiy (1795-1877),
  4. Novyy (with the passenger terminal) (1866-1877),
  5. Voenyy (1800-1877),
  6. Androsovskiy (1842-1848),
  7. Potapovskiy (1848-1856).


The breakwater was built 1866 through 1882.

The quays of the harbors used to have the following names:

  1. Bakaleynaya;
  2. Novaya;
  3. Arbuznaya;
  4. Schogolevskaya;


Nowadays there are 54 docks at the port with the state-of-the-art equipment. The total length of the docks is 9 km and the port can handle up to 21,000,000 tons of dry cargo and 25,000,000 tons of liquids per year.

View of the New Harbor and Platonovskiy Jetty. 2013.

Quarantine Harbor. 2013.

Quarantine Harbor. 2013.

Quarantine Jetty. 2013.

Quarantine Jetty. 2013.



Cruise ships dock at the passenger terminal all the time. Sometimes one can see two gigantic ships on both sides of the terminal.

Tamojennaya Square is a tenderloin of Odessa. Hookers can be seen here at night. Traditionally, they wait for sailors who enter the city here, at the exit from the port, but traffic is heavy and sometimes passing cars stop. Another tenderloin is elsewhere, in the street that stretches up to Kiev highway.


Street Address

1 Tamojennaya Square, 65026 Odessa, Ukraine.

Geographical Positions

E30°44'51.1" N46°29'7" (E30.747528° N46.485278°).


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