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Vorontsov’s Palace


Vorontsov’s Palace completes the architectural complex of Primorskiy Boulevard in the north. It was built either in 1824-1827 or, according to another source, in 1826-1828, as the residence of New Russia Governor Count (later Prince) Mihail Vorontsov by architect F.Boffo who created 50 other buildings in Odessa but was famous for this one at the first place. The palace was erected in the Empire style where the Turkish fortress had been. What’s interesting, the dungeons of the fortress are still there under the palace and accessible from it.

During the Crimean War in 1854 English and French ships shelled Odessa. 200 cannon balls hit the palace, in particular. When Vorontsov had learned about the bombardment, he ordered to hide his books in the dungeons.

The palace became a public building after the 1917 revolution. Since 1936 the palace has been used for kids activities such as singing, dancing, music, etc.

The interior of the palace was more or less intact, unlike its counterpart on the other bank of the ravine. Unfortunately, the iron cast fence of the palace was scrapped in the 1950s.







Street Address

2D Vorontsovskiy Lane, 65026 Odessa, Ukraine.

Geographical Positions

E30°44'19.8" N46°29'24.6" (E30.738833° N46.490167°).


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