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Odessa Bay Panorama


A breathtaking view of the Black Sea and the Bay of Odessa opens from the Monument to the Unknown Seaman.


Directly downhill one can see the docks of the port of Odessa. It was mentioned in the beginning — now you can enjoy it from quite a different viewpoint closer to its southern edge. The container and gas terminals could be seen.

To the right city beaches stretch such as Lanjeron, Otrada, Dolphin, Arkadia, Fontan, Chernomorka.

A district named Kotovskovo can be well seen on the other side of the bay. It is about 10 km from here as a crow flies. This is the most distant neighborhood of Odessa — 15 km by car. To say the truth, it is hard to state that it is part of Odessa actually. Initially, in the 1960s, this settlement was built for the workers of Peresyp factories and plants, located in the northern part of the city between the bay and the lakes. Later, the municipal government made the town part of Odessa rather artificially, aiming at putting Odessa at the million league and obtain the respective benefits. Unfortunately, the most attractive one, that is the subway, was never implemented.

The district has only high rises up to 16 floors. There are private cottages as well but those are the remnants of the old small towns. Unfortunately, the layout of the district is very inconvenient for traffic unlike the downtown as if it had been built when there were no cars while the center has many wide streets.

It used to be a bad neighborhood in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Now it is attractive to many people who appreciate the clean air, less congestion and traffic as well as apartments in buildings which are not falling apart like the ones in the downtown.

Next to Kotovskovo you can see smaller towns of Kryjanovka, Leski, Fontanka, sometimes (when the weather is favorable) also Chebanka, Grigoryevka and the installations of the Port of Yujnyy.

During the Second World War there was an interesting episode. A battery of long-range Soviet guns was located in Chebanka. During the siege of the city it was very efficient against the Romanians who did their damnedest to take it. There was a moment when they were close to it. A company of Donetsk miners who had just arrived to Odessa helped to repel a dangerous attack. There were 250 men and they nearly all died. The weird thing is that they only had shovels and hand grenades — they had not had time to get rifles. But they did well against well armed troops.


Street Address

Walk of Fame, Odessa, Ukraine.

Geographical Positions

E30°45'41.3" N46°28'45.3" (E30.761472° N46.47925°).


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