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Shevchenko Park


Central Recreation and Leisure Shevchenko Park was initially named after Tzar Alexander the 2nd. It is situated to the east of the downtown, on the seashore.

When the Turkish fortress of Hajibey had been taken, a Russian fortress was built here. However, after 20 years, when the frontier had moved further south-west, the fortress became redundant and was torn down in 1811. The territory was partly passed to the Quarantine, partly turned into a cemetery. The place was uncared-for.

The first plan to set up a public park belonged to architect F.Boffo and was dated 1840. Some trees must even have been planted as this place was marked as the Fortress Garden in old maps, but it was not taken care of and the people avoided it. But in 1875 the park was formally opened and named after the emperor who visited it and planted an oak. Unfortunately, the oak was used as firewood in 1918.

In the USSR the park was given the name of Ukrainian poet T.Shevchenko. Some sources date it by 1920 but most likely it happened in 1954. There have been calls recently to revert to the original name, all the more so as there is an avenue named after Shevchenko in Odessa. Who never visited Odessa, by the way and is hardly related to the city.

It is funny that the head coach of Chernomorets soccer team that has a stadium in this park is named V.Shevchenko.

2003. The monument to T.Shevchenko at the entrance to the park.

Original Emperor Alexander II Column.
2013. Restored Emperor Alexander II Column.
2003. Monument to Soviet soldiers who fought in Afghanistan.
2003. Monument to Soviet soldiers who fought in Afghanistan.

2013. Monument to the Unknow Sailor.

2013. Walk of Fame.
2003. Quarantine Wall.

2013. Quarantine Wall.

2013. Quarantine Wall.


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1/4 Marazliyevskaya Street, 65014 Odessa, Ukraine.

Geographical Positions

E30-45'13" N46-28'45" (E30.753611° N46.479167°).


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