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Gogol’s House


N.Gogol (1809-1852) is a great Ukrainian author. He was born in the Poltava area. He descended from an old Ukrainian Cossack family. A prominent Cossack was one of his ancestors. He wrote such works as Taras Bulba, The Government Inspector, The Dead Souls. Gogol was a professional historian and used facts for the plots and characters of the first novel. The events described in Taras Bulba were based on Cossack and peasant uprisings of 1637-1638. In all likelihood, the writer used the diaries of a Polish eyewitness of the developments. What’s interesting, Gogol wrote in Russian even though he was Ukrainian.

This house was built in 1846 and belonged to the writer’s uncle A.Troschinskiy. Gogol stayed here when he lived in Odessa in 1850 through 1851. Also, he had stayed in Odessa before in the same street in House 15.

The street used to be Nadejdinskaya and was renamed after the author back in 1902.

Unfortunately, the building is dilapidated. The problem is it belongs to the Defense Ministry rather than the municipality. This impedes reconstruction. The owners of many apartments in this house sued the defense enterprise and won in 2012 becoming full-fledged owners of the building. Now the city council intends to cooperate with the inhabitants and restore the building. However, there is little hope as the city authorities do not do anything for more prominent buildings like the Marine Museum.







Street Address

11 Gogolya Street, 65082 Odessa, Ukraine.

Geographical Positions

E30°44'8.6" N46°29'21" (E30.735722° N46.489167°).


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