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Ukrainian State Security Service


Yevreyskaya Street translates as Jewish Street. In the USSR it was renamed, like 99% of other streets and locations: it was cheaper than building more streets. It was Bebelya Street. Bebel was a German social democrat who had never been to Odessa and had not done much for the community but he was on the same side as Lenin, and that was enough. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the street was renamed back. As a result, the KGB found themselves located in Jewish Street, something they obviously did not like as they soon changed their street address to Griboyedova Lane since the building occupied an entire block and the entrance was on the corner. Yet the City Council was not wasting time, and the lane was renamed after Shuhevich — a Ukrainian nationalist who fought against Soviet troops during the Second World War together with the Nazis (in fact, he was a major in SS). Needless to say that he had not been to Odessa either, but that is not the story. And, the reason for the renaming was ostensibly the wish of the Odessites... yet it was never found out which ones and if they had ever been to Odessa either. But the main thing is not that. Just imagine: the KGB is in a street of the enemy! The worst nightmare of the Soviet KGB agents. So, they reverted to their street address in Yevreyskaya Street.

But the lane got its pre-revolutionary name in the meantime and became Pokrovskiy Lane. Yet the SBU knew better than changing their street address once again.






Street Address

43 Yevreyskaya Street, 65045 Odessa, Ukraine.

Geographical Positions

E30°44'13.3" N46°28'41.4" (E30.737028° N46.478167°).


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