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Monument to Duke de Richelieu


Armand Emmanuel Sophie Septemanie de Vignerot du Plessis, 5th duc de Richelieu (1766–1822) was born in France to one of the most famous and influential European aristocratic families. When the Great French Revolution started, he moved to Russia since he was loyal to the king. In Russia he served the empress. He took Izmail together with de Ribas and Suvorov. In 1803 the duke was appointed Governor General of Odessa. He did a lot for the city attracting new people to the town, improving agriculture, creating industry and education, promoting trade, science, culture. After Napoleon's defeat in 1814 and the restoration of monarchy in France he returned to Paris and became first finance minister, then prime minister. He died there at age 56 to the great sorrow of the Odessites. It is hard to overestimate his contribution to the development of the city.

The monument was cast in bronze in St.Petersburg and put up in 1827. The sculptor was I.Martos, the architects were A.Melnikov and F.Boffo.

The Odessites call the monument just 'Duke'. This word actually sounds different in Russian (gertsog) but this monument is called in French (sounds the same in English).

Odessa love for jokes is famous. The monument to the adorable governor was not spared. Each real Odessite knows the expression: look at the duke from the third luke (luke means manhole in Russian, a sewerage one is meant here). Innocent people might not understand the true meaning of this expression even if they stand on the metal cover of the manhole, but today most of the tourist start to chuckle or giggle without additional explanations. However, it cannot be denied that jokes of this kind can be heard in many cities.

View of the duke from the third luke.2013.


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Primorskiy Boulevard, Odessa, Ukraine.

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E30°44'28.35" N46°29'17.4" (E30.741208° N46.488167°).


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