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National Medical University


Originally, the Medical University was a medical school, part of New Russia University, former Richelieu Lyceum, later the State University of Odessa). It was opened in 1900, but in 1922 became a separate college. After the collapse of the USSR each school or college wanted to become a university, and the medical college followed the trend, even though the word university combined with a certain subject is an oxymoron and sounds like an honest politician as a university must be universal rather than limited to a branch of science or technology.

Many renowned physicians worked here, for example academician ophthalmologist V.Filatov in 1903-1956. Once students made a birthday gift to him. They painted his portrait inside a large eye. The academician was happy but quipped that he was lucky not to be a gynecologist.

Most of the block between Olgiyevskaya, Pastera and Marinesko streets are different medical institutions besides the college. There are hospitals, clinics, drugstores there as well as a mortuary and ambulance. Some buildings of the college are located elsewhere in town.

The main building was built in 1889-1900 by architect N.Tolvinskiy. The rest of the buildings had been built earlier and had been used for other purposes.

Anatomical Department. 1905.





Administration. 2013.

Administration. 2013. 2013.


Street Address

4 Olgiyevskaya Street, 65082 Odessa, Ukraine.

Geographical Positions

E3043'33.2" N4629'34.3" (E30.725889 N46.492861).


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