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Odessa Sights

Longest Balcony


This was Mavrokordato’s tenement building built by architect Yu.Dmitrenko in 1905 .

One of the world longest balconies is on the facade of the building. It is believed that the balcony is the longest in Europe. It belts the entire facade on the third floor.


Something funny happened here a few years ago. There was a night club in the basement. It is not clear who did that: either unhappy inhabitants or wicked competitors or racketeers, but it is a fact: a dump truck drove up one night and emptied its load of concrete into the entrance!


Street Address

25 Grecheskaya/Yekaterininskaya Street, 65025 Odessa, Ukraine.

Geographical Positions

E30°44'20.6" N46°28'56.6" (E30.739056° N46.482389°).


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