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Town Hall / City Council


The construction was started either in 1828 or 1829 and finished either in 1834 or 1837, according to different sources. The architect was F.Boffo. Initially it was meant for the first Odessa stock exchange. The main facade had two rows of columns and a patio behind them. The first row is still there, but after 1871-1873 reconstruction the second row was replaced with a wall, and the patio was turned into a hall. It is called the White Hall now.

In 1899 the stock exchange moved to a new building (at the moment it is a concert hall, the Philharmonic Society), and the Town Hall moved in (later the City Council).




The building was hit with a Nazi bomb, see the photo. The left wing was destroyed.


In 1946 through 1949 the building was restored and rebuilt.

There is a clock above the central entrance. It chimes every half and hour and plays the music from a song about Odessa. The clock was manufactured by English company Smith and sons in 1868 . They broke down only once: in 1988. The cogs of the anchor wheel had been worn down. A new wheel was made.


Street Address

1 Dumskaya Square, 65004 Odessa, Ukraine.

Geographical Positions

E3044'38.1" N4629'8.7" (E30.743917 N46.48575).


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