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Odessa Sights

Steps with Odessa Coat of Arms


Old Odessa coat of arms can be seen in the cast iron railings of these steps.

The first coat of arms was a rectangular field crossed in two. The upper part featured a black double eagle with three crowns and a Maltese cross. The lower part had a silver anchor of four flukes. The Maltese cross was removed from the coat of arms after the killing of King Pavel the 1st in 1801. And after the 1917 revolution the double eagle was removed too and replaced with the image of the mutinous battleship The Prince Potyomkin-Tavricheskiy and the Hero City Star.

A new version of the coat of arms was introduced in 1993. It only had the silver four-blade grapnel anchor. With some additions, this version was approved by the municipal council in 1999 and is the heraldic symbol of Odessa for the time being.







Street Address

Chaykovskovo Lane, Odessa, Ukraine.

Geographical Positions

E30°44'31.1" N46°29'8.6" (E30.741972° N46.485722°).


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