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The Bristol Hotel


The five star hotel (named the Red Hotel in the USSR) is a historical sight of Odessa and an architecture masterpiece created by outstanding architect A.Bernardazzi in 1898-1899. The name was borrowed from a Viennese hotel where many rich Odessites liked to stay then.

The hotel was closed down after the 1917 revolution. For a while the railroad administration was based here in the 1920s but later the hotel was reopened and renamed to the Red Hotel after the Red Army, Red Flag, etc.

This name was a bugger, though. As the hotel was painstakingly painted red to correspond to the new name, and the sun would soon turn it into light-green or khaki, it had to be repainted every other year. It was a common joke in Odessa: you book a room in the Red hotel and end up in a green one…

In the USSR the hotel was a popular tenderloin up to its collapse and later, in the 1990s. Foreigners often stayed there. Respectively, illegal currency dealers and hookers would stroll in front of the hotel all the time. At night there were big fights, especially during the turmoil of the 1990s.

The decrepit hotel was closed in 2002 for many years of repair. Only in 2010 did it reopen — this time under its historic name. For the time being, it is one of the most expensive hotels in the town.


Many renowned authors stayed in the hotel: I.Bunin, T.Dreiser, H.Barbusse, G.Germanetto, W.Bredel, F.Wolf, D.Bednyy; movie stars and producers: V.Holodnaya, O.Yankovskiy, A.Abdulov, E.Ryazanov, I.Smoktunovskiy and other celebrities. Also, the Deja Vu movie was filmed there. The plot of the movie features an American gangster sent to Odessa in the 1920s to deal with a fugitive traitor.


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Street Address

15 Pushkinskaya Street, 65026 Odessa, Ukraine.

Geographical Positions

E30°44'35" N46°28'53" (E30.743056° N46.481389°).


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